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Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo sign on for National Lampoons Vacation TV series?

After his success on Saturday Nigh Live during its original run, Chevy Chase helped make himself a household name in comedy and he transitioned that into a successful movie career. He’s had movies in every decade since making it big but he’s best remembered for his role as Clark Griswold in National Lampoon Vacation and it’s following sequels.

While the quality of the series took a nosedive following Christmas Vacation, that hasn’t deterred folks from wanting to bring the series back to life. Rather than reboot the series, as is usually protocol in Hollywood, ABC is bringing back the franchise as a TV series — sort of.

TV Line reports that ABC is looking into creating a series with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo that is in the vein of the Vacation movies but isn’t at the moment a direct sequel or continuation of the franchise.

There was talk at one point in the recent past of rebooting the Vacation series with Ed Helms starring as Rusty Griswold who takes his family on a vacation like Clark took the family on back in the day. That project fell through though and the world never got to see how good or bad that movie would have been.

As far as the television series goes, not much is known about it outside of the fact that D’Angelo and Chase are on board.

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