Star Wars Episode VII casting rumors: Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving eyed for roles


The Star Wars Episode VII casting rumor mill died down over the holidays and after a slow start to 2014, has started churning out information faster than we can process it. The Hollywood Reporter doused the internet with a massive scoop piece that named names and even dished on plot details that they claim are included in the script.

As far as the casting rumors go, the weekend kicked off with a scoop from The Wrap stating Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons was up for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son, but the rumors have only flooded in from there.

According to the latest piece from THR, actors Micheal Fassbender and Hugo Weaving both met with J.J. Abrams and Girls star Adam Driver is apparently up for a major role as well.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as just about everyone in Hollywood has been mentioned in connection to the film and obviously not all of them are going to be cast. We will eventually look back on this in ten years the way we did prequel trilogy rumors now and say things like can you believe that Daniel Day-Lewis or Benedict Cumberbatch were almost cast in Star Wars.

The latter of those two names has been heavily connected to casting rumors, but so have other stars like Soairse Ronan, Michael B. Jordan, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Alex Pettyfer.

In fact, there was a point in time when Pettyfer was being mentioned the same way everyone dis gushing about Jesse Plemons, although the closer we get to production, the more seriously we need to start taking names mentioned.

Of course, we won’t know who is cast until it’s officially announced and that could happen right before filming begins. Some casting announcements may not even be made and could be discovered from leaked set photos, but what we do know is a lot of big names are still being mentioned which means more than a few are bound to stick.

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