Star Wars Episode VII story spoilers and plot details leaked


Fans haven’t been hearing anything on the Star Wars Episode VII front lately, and when that happens it usually means people are sitting on really big news. It seems that may be the case as with shooting expected to begin shortly for the film, casting and story rumors are starting to flood in once again.

We first heard about Jesse Plemons possibly landing the lead in the film, but The Hollywood Reporter posted a massive scoop piece that dug into not only other actors who are up for roles, but supposed story and plot details from the script.

There may be potential spoilers ahead,

According to THR sourcesStar Wars Episode VII will follow the main core of original trilogy heroes has Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker will be the main focus of the new film. The reasoning behind this is J.J. Abrams wants to send the characters off right and give fans one last look at their old pals while transitioning fans into the new era of Star Wars and the new characters.

Those new characters, as we’ve been suspecting for months, will be the offspring of the main group of characters. This fits the rumors of Plemons being auditioned for a role many believe will be Luke Skywalker’s son, with actress Soairse Ronan potentially playing the daughter of Han and Leia.

Of course, these are all unconfirmed rumors that The Hollywood Reporter is passing along and they are not at all claiming any of this to be gospel truth. But the rumors fit indications we’ve been getting about the story from random casting calls and other details that have leaked from the casting search.

The new group of younger characters will then replace the original trilogy stars as the franchise leads, with Han, Leia and Luke taking a backseat as supporting characters.

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