Batman vs. Superman rumors: Josh Holloway being eyed for role?


With the movie awards season now in full swing, a lot of attention is being paid to the movies of last year as the upcoming movies for 2014 and 2015 are flying low and under the radar for the short time being. One of those films is Batman vs. Superman and the latest casting rumor has yet another Lost star heading to the world of DC.

According to a rumor circulating at the moment, Lost star Josh Holloway is being eyed for a role in Batman vs. Superman, although the role is still unknown. Of course, this isn’t a rumor coming from a major scoop source, so it needs to be taken with a fistful of salt, but with the lack of Batman vs. Superman rumors floating around, something was bound to be kicked up.

The source of the rumor speculates that Holloway will be cast as Aquaman, furthering the notion that Batman vs. Superman will be a Justice League movie. There has been a mounted effort starting up from the powers that be to discredit this notion, but until the film starts shooting, fans are going to believe what they want.

As far as Holloway being considered for a role, this is nothing more than an internet rumor at the moment. But the notion that Justice League character are being added to Batman vs. Superman keeps hanging around, which has fans excited to see what actually happens when production officially begins.

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