HBO cancels 'Newsroom' but will still air third season

The Jeff Daniels/Aaron Sorkin show Newsroom, which has polarized critics and won over as many fans as it has turned completely off, has officially been announced as returning for a third season on HBO. That’s the good news, the bad news is that said third season will be the final season of the show.

HBO made both announcements on Monday afternoon.

Almost four months after its season two finale, “Newsroom” has been renewed by HBO for a third season.

There was some doubt as to when the show would come back, if ever at all. With two solid yet completely polarizing seasons under its belt, the show will continue for one more season before its turned off the air forever. The show won Jeff Daniels a surprise Emmy Award this past year for his role as Will McAvoy, the lead anchor the show is based around.

While fans of the show will be sad to see it go, there was really no other option when it came to the series’ future. You can only tell the story of a renegade newsroom so many times before it gets redundant, and even with it being the high quality it’s at right now, there were still plenty of moments that oozed so much cheese that the stuff began to pour out of out television sets.

No official premiere date has been given, but it’s still possible for the show to meet a 2014 deadline, although it’s unlikely that HBO will rush the final season.

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