Batman vs. Superman to shoot back-to-back with Justice League movie


‘There have been a lot of rumors swirling about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, but one of the biggest rumors at the moment surrounds not the film coming out in 2015, but the movie that is supposedly going to be coming out after it in 2016. Latino-Review is reporting on information they have that suggests a Justice League movie will be shot back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman.

Per Latino-Review:

Well, the current thought amongst some insiders is that Batman vs Superman and Justice League are going to be shot back-to-back, ala The Hobbit films, the Pirates of The Caribbean sequels, and the latter two Matrix flicks.

This sort of a strategy would make sense for Warner Bros and DC for a number of reasons, many of which suggest that shooting the films back-to-back may indeed be happening. For starters, the availability of the cast is a reason for the studio to churn out two films at once, as there’s no saying the actors would be free of other commitments in order to shoot the Justice League movie.

Another reason this may happen is Latino-Review states Batman vs. Superman is set to end on a massive cliffhanger which will lead into and be resolved in the Justice League movie.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by the studio so it has to be taken lightly, but everything seems to suggest we could see two massive DC films hit theaters in consecutive years.

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