Report: Johnny Depp meeting with Marvel rumors are not true


Earlier on Tuesday, word started trickling out that Johnny Depp was meeting with Marvel Studios to discuss possibly playing Dr. Strange in an upcoming adaptation of that particular comic book. While Latino-Review and Variety both reported the story, which caught on like wild fire, other outlets are refuting the rumor with counter reports that a Marvel meeting didn’t take place.

Deadline stakes their report somewhere in the middle ground, saying a meeting did indeed happen but it occurred months ago and nothing ever came of it.

Per Deadline:

I’m told by Marvel moles there is really nothing to this rumor about Johnny Depp playing Steven Strange in Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios. The story’s being bannered by Variety online, but don’t dress for it. I’m told that Depp was approached eons ago, and it never went anywhere.

To the credit of those who believed the rumor, Depp partnering with Marvel made sense thanks to the ties back to Disney. Marvel is owned by Disney and Disney, in essence, owns Johnny Depp. The marriage between Depp and Marvel seemed completely possible and the thought of Depp stepping into a comic book role was an awesome one.

But it’s not to be, as Depp may have met with Marvel but nothing more will come of Dr. Strange role than that.

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