Justified Season 6: FX confirms show will end in 2015

After five seasons on the air, FX will be saying goodbye to it’s hit series Justified following the conclusion of this sixth season in 2015. The network made the surprise announcement on Tuesday, although fans of the show who have been paying attention to rumors may have seen this coming.

The Hollywood Reporter initially stated that the fifth season would be the final season, but later corrected the report to reflect that accurate information of the sixth season being the final one.

The show has remained one of the networks biggest hits since it’s premiere five years ago, but the decision to end the show didn’t come from the top. FX CEO John Ladgraf said he signed off on the decision, but stated it was not his decision to end the show.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

“It was [showrunner] Graham Yost and Timothy Olyphant’s decision,” he said. “I would have liked to have had more Justified, it’s one of my favorite shows.”

Justified joins another FX show in signing off soon as Sons of Anarchy is slated to air its seventh and final season in the fall. In addition to network shows signing off, Justified joins the likes of Newsroom, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire as massively popular shows ending their run after their current or upcoming seasons.

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