Robin Williams stars in terrifying Mrs. Doubtfire horror recut (Video)

If you grew up in the 90s, then you are very familiar with the work of Robin Williams in his countless family films he made. One of the most popular entires into his filmography over his career was Mrs. Doubtfire, which played off of the Tootsie idea of a man dressing up as a woman but without it being weird. 

Even if the concept of Robin Williams dressed as a woman was weird to you anyways, the whole movie just got a creepy new spin that will force you to forever look at it differently.

Someone took the liberty to re-cut the classic children’s film and make it into the most terrifyingly creepy horror trailer you’re likely to see all week. The re-cut of the trailer just goes to show how wildly interpretive film can be and how just altering a few things can change the entire meaning of a film.

We’ve seen trailer re-cut like this before, but this serves as one of the more creepy examples we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t ruin Mrs. Doubtfire, but it’ll make you think about it differently for the rest of your life.

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