Saturday Night Live: Drake apologizes for starting YOLO, throws a Bar Mitzvah (Video)

Drake stopped by Saturday Night Live last night as host and we actually got a much better show than we were expecting to see. The night kicked off with a hilariously bizarre sketch infused in Drake’s monologue in which he apologized for starting the phrase YOLO and then flashed back to his Bar Mitzvah .

The first indication that the night would go better than expected was when Drake apologized for popularizing the phrase ‘YOLO’, as he states he didn’t know annoying people wouldn’t stop uttering it over and over again. But that was followed by a pretty bizarre Bar Mitzvah sketch in which Drake rapped about a being half black, half Jewish Canadian.

Among other things, Drake flips back and forth between saying cliché Jewish jokes to saying cliché jokes about being black. He even threw in a vintage ‘Wazuuup’ joke, stating that it was 1999 and that stuff was hilarious.

The sketch didn’t strike everyone as funny, but it showed right off the bat that Drake was diving head first into his first hosting gig with a giant smile and goofy attitude. His rap about knowing how to ball like LeBron and also knowing what a W2 is seemed to kill social media, who also reacted positively to his line about he celebrates Hanukkah, but also dated Rihannakah.

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