Saturday Night Live: Drake plays Lil' Wayne dressed up as Urkel (GIF)

Drake took over Saturday Night Live tonight and so far he’s been turning in a pretty impressive performance. While the jokes haven’t all hit, Drake’s impressions so far have been spot on and he hasn’t been afraid to take some shot at his friends and collaborators.

In the second sketch of the night, Keenan Thompson played Sway as he introduced various hip hop artists in the roles of classic television characters. The premise was that they actually played these roles before they got famous, and when it came to Lil’ Wayne, Drake portrayed him as Urkel.


The sketch overall was a pretty funny and Drake showed off his impression skills to pretty rousing laughter. It helps that he already sounds like Lil’ Wayne, which made the impression a pretty easy one to pull off. But just seeing Drake dressed up as Lil’ Wayne who is dressed up as Urkel made the sketch, and his one line was just a bonus.


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