Aaron Paul up for role in Ron Howard's The Dark Tower


The post-Breaking Bad success for Aaron Paul seems to be continuing. After landing the lead role in Need for Speed, Paul is apparent up for the lead in Ro Howard’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Dark Tower. According to Aint’ It Cool News, Paul is up for the lead which means that the wheels are turning once again on the long awaited adaptation.

“I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of [Breaking Bad].  Which is such a crazy thing, to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making it.”

The Stephen King move has been a favorite among many for years and there has been talks of a film adaptation for a very long time. Nothing major has come in terms of progress, which has had a lot of people believing a film based on the book will never happen.

Word that Paul was approached by Ron Howard means two things. The first is that Paul is clearly a first choice for the role of Eddie Dean but more importantly, Howard is actively trying to get the picture made.

Unless this was a casual conversation where Dark Tower just happened to come up and we’re blowing it all out of proportion, it sounds like progress is happening.

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