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Quentin Tarantino script leak: Which actor leaked the script out?

Perhaps the most bizarre story of the week in movies revolves around developments in the Quentin Tarantino script leak scandal that sounds as though it’s a plot line in one of his movies. While it was announced that The Hateful Eight was the next movie that Tarantino was going to do, Deadline reports that the director has said the project is scrapped after the script was leaked by one of the six people who he gave it to.

This has Tarantino less than pleased with one of the six people who got the script and he’s ready to name names as soon as he found out who betrayed him.

The three actors that Tarantino told Deadline received the script from him are Tim Roth, Micheal Madsen and Oscar nominee Bruce Dern. Tarantino has worked with all three in the past, with Dern receiving a small part in Django Unchained.

Tarantino states that the only person cleared in all of this is Tim Roth, for reasons he didn’t specify. But the director suspects that the leak came from Bruce Dern, who gave the script to his agent who then started to pass it around after reading it.

It’s also possible that Madsen leaked the script, although his history with the director seems to suggest he’d be more loyal than that. After all, Madsen would be nothing more than a B-movie, direct to DVD star had Tarantino not cast him in three of his eight films.

Deadline says that Dern’s agency CAA likely got a hold of the script for The Hateful Eight, but it’s too early to tell. All we do know is that this sounds like a story straight out of a pulp novel that inspired Tarantino to become the filmmaker he is today.

Who do you think leaked the script? Is Tarantino wrong for reacting this way or do you sympathize with him? Sound off in the comments section and get into the conversation.

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