American Horror Story Coven, season finale preview (Video)


Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story Coven was perhaps the most intense episode we’ve seen all season long, which means the stakes have been set insanely high for next week’s season finale. Some pretty major characters have departed from the story, which leaves next week’s episode as one that will wrap things up for good.

If you haven’t yet seen this week’s episode of American Horror Story Coven, you’re best off skipping the preview for next week. There are some pretty major spoilers in this week’s show and you do not want them ruined accidentally.

For those who did see tonight’s episode, after you’ve recovered from what we all saw and experienced, here’s a quick preview of next week’s season finale episode of American Horror Story Coven:

So when does the season finale episode of American Horror Story Coven air and where can you catch it? We have all the information you need to know right here:

Date: January 29th
Start Time: 10:00pm ET
Episode: ‘The Seven Wonders”
TV Info: FX
Online Stream: VOD, FOXNow App

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