‘Justified’ ‘Good Intentions’ Recap: Here’s Johnny

johnnyJustified just keeps the familiar faces coming as tonight’s show welcomed back Boyd’s cousin, Johnny. A true native Harlan county, Johnny is back and up to no good hijacking Boyd’s drug shipment.

Speaking of familiar faces, Rachel is back and reading the Raylan the right act as to how he’s been living his life lately. Can’t say I don’t agree with her, Raylan has yet to visit his newborn in Florida and taking up residence in a seized criminal’s house isn’t exactly working towards a better future. But he does give some “fatherly” dialogue in this episode that we can all learn from.

JUSTIFIED: Erica Tazel. CR: Frank Ockenfels III / FX

But it’s always good to see Rachel.

Continuing with Boyd’s ever changing situation, he finds himself in quite a “sexually awkward situation” with Russian temptress Mara. Mara is they key that will ultimately change her husband’s testimony against Ava and get her out of jail, hopefully before a very awkward sexual encounter between the two. But this better be sooner than later as absence doesn’t make Boyd’s heart grow fonder for Ava.

Tonight’s show also brings us a Dewey and Boyd encounter where Boyd gives Dewey a “pep talk” that is reminiscent of his more religious days.

The talk works…well almost, as Dewey heads home to confront the cousin that “ain’t nothing but bad times” only to find that his friend and employee Messer, has been skimming him by taking most of the whore house’s profits.

It looks like Cousin Daryl is here to stay for a little while longer and help “wrinkle” out the money situation. How selfless of him.

dewey and darryl

Raylan in the meantime has some interesting encounters of his own including that of Amy Smart who plays social worker Allison. After several failed “hook up” attempts, they finally got down to business by the end of the show, which I know had all the ladies at home wishing the could be so lucky. But Allison hasn’t completely won Raylan over yet as there was some suspicion provided by Rachel of Allison being apart of the could have been part of the robbery scam that wound up with some Duffy/ Raylan action and one dead Monroe.

Next week promises lots of fun and witty banter as we see Raylan and Boyd together for the first time this season and it promises to be as entertaining as always.