Justice League movie confirmed, solo Wonder Woman movie also planned


It’s been a weird week for Warner Bros, as we’ve seen delays be announced as well as brand new projects confirmed. After the announcement that Batman vs. Superman had been pushed back to May 2016, word has come down that a Justice League movie has been confirmed as happening.

This isn’t some unnamed source confirming the news either, which is something you always have to be mindful of in these cases with these types of films. Rather, Variety is reporting that Gal Gadot’s contract includes three movies which will be Batman vs. Superman, a Justice League movie as well as a stand alone Wonder Woman movie.

All of this news is a bit overwhelming, as we heavily suspected a Justice League movie would be happening, but nothing had been confirmed. An official announcement of a Justice League movie still hasn’t been made, but the film has been written into the contract of the actress playing Wonder Woman, which says all you need to know.

The other major piece of news here is that Wonder Woman will be getting her own film for the very first time. She has never appeared on film before other than on television and her cinematic debut in Batman vs. Superman will pave the way for a stand alone film for the character.

No dates are yet attached to the projects, but we can likely expect them both to hit theaters before 2018.

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