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The Walking Dead to air Zombie Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is in two weeks and already fans of the big game are getting their parties ready and are clearing their schedule. But while football will dominate on Sunday, no matter what some may say about the shows  it’s running against, the Super Bowl won’t be without it’s competition.

AMC will be airing The Zombie Bowl to lead into and run against the Super Bowl on FOX.

This is really nothing more than a marathon, but it does mean an entire Sunday full of The Walking Dead action. It also makes the last Sunday until new episodes premiere in AMC as the second half of season four kicks off on February 9th.

AMC will be stating the marathon at 10am ET on Sunday and will feature the biggest, most gruesome humans vs. walkers episodes from the first few seasons of the show, and there won’t be much order to it other than that.

The episodes are meant to replicate the atmosphere of the two teams going against each other in the Super Bowl and even if there’s no other reason for the episodes to air other than trying to mooch off of Super Bowl hype, we still get a The Walking Dead marathon and no one loses when that happens.

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