Fantastic Four director says recent plot synopsis is false

It seems that there is more and more action going on with Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot each time we look it’s way, and today brought what many people thought was the first synopsis of the film. While it was widely reported to indeed be the synopsis, something about it just didn’t feel right and now we know why.

According to Fantastic Four director Josh Trank, the synopsis that was posted by Acting Audition, and then widely circulated, is not at all true.

The twitter account isn’t verified, which sans the rumor about the synopsis will be defended to the death by those who believe it to be true. But it’s not surprising to hear that a fake synopsis has come out from a random casting site, because this is obviously the first time in the history of the internet that a fake synopsis has popped up.

Logical thought pointed any reasonable person to the conclusion that the script was finished just days ago, the casting is being done in house and anyone outside of the main cast being auditioned won’t be reading actual script pages or know the actually synopsis.

We can, however, expect to start hearing more about Fantastic Four as we get further and further into the pre-production phase we’re in now.

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