Fantastic Four reboot plot details possibly revealed

This summer sees some great comic book movies hit theaters, but a lot of fans are looking forward to the Fantastic Four reboot that is coming from 20th Century Fox. So far, nothing of much importance is known, but a casting audition site may have leaked a plot synopsis that reveals some major details about the film.

Simon Kinberg’s script was turned in just days ago, but it’s possible that a synopsis has made it’s way out for auditions in the film. It’s also possible that the synopsis is totally bunk, but from the looks of it, this could be the real deal.

Per Acting Auditions:

‘The Fantastic Four’ will tell the story of two very young friends, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. After an event transforms the boys, they find themselves empowered with bizarre new abilities. Reed becomes a scientific genius who can stretch, twist and re-shape his body to inhuman proportions. Ben becomes a monstrous, craggy humanoid with orange, rock-like skin and super strength. However, the two end up being owned by the government and used as weapons. But after they mature, two others with powers come into the picture – Sue Storm “The Invisible Girl” and Johnny Storm “The Human Torch.”

The site also claims that Michael B. Jordan has been already cast as Johnny Storm, something that is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Should this be the real synopsis, it would appear that director Josh Trank is indeed using the ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ for his story inspiration on Fantastic Four. More information is likely to come out in the next few weeks as the film begins to fill out its cast.

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