Credit: Marvel

Marvel's Ant-Man takes original Batman vs. Superman release date

With the Warner Bros. picture Batman vs. Superman getting pushed back to May 6, 2016, Marvel has pounced on the opportunity to take it’s place. Now that the DC project has bowed out, Ant-Man will crawl into the July 2015 release date slot that was originally intended for Batman vs. Superman. 

The move is much more calculated than you’d think, as Marvel and Disney are moving into the Batman vs Superman slot and is now in direct competition with another one of Warner Bros. films. In pushing back the superhero film, warner moved up the Peter Pan reboot Pan, which just recently cast both Garret Hedlund and Hugh Jackman in the villainous lead roles.

Ant-Man is now directly going up against Pan, which means Marvel will be making it a difficult weekend in terms of box office competition. Previously, movies were steering clear of the Jul 17, 2015 release date as there was likely no film that could have hoped to compete with the DC film.

Now that the slot contains the Warner Bros. film Pan, Marvel feels much more confident in moving their film up to the July release date.

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