Super Bowl 2014: Marvel won't air Guardians of the Galaxy trailer


With the Super Bowl little more than a week away, studios are starting to gear up for promotional campaigns that will kick off along with the big game. Summer movies are staples at the Super Bowl when it comes to debuting new trailers and already there are a slew of films lined up to appear.

Marvel is making a few appearances at the Super Bowl, but one film it won’t be getting a trailer during the game is Guardians of the Galaxy. There was a rumor earlier this week that the film would indeed be showing a trailer but that has since been debunked by director James Gunn.

This is disappointing to fans who wanted to get a first real look at the film that may end up surprising a lot of people at the box office this summer. There does seem to be a trailer coming soon though, but even if one is going to drop in February, it won’t be until after the Super Bowl.

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