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The Big Lebowski gets brilliant 8-bit NES treatment (Video)


Few movies are as well known or as well liked by a cult audience than the 1998 Coen’s brothers film The Big Lebowski as it was blasted by critics when it came out, but after over a decade of being on home video, the film has found a loyal audience of fellow Dudes.

From conventions, to viewing parties and even secret societies, it’s clear that The Big Lebowski has carved out a unique place in pop culture. It’s for this reason that no one is surprised to see the film finally get the NES 8-bit trailer treatment.

We’ve seen this type of 8-bit treatment with other classic movies as well, but it’s about time that a film like The Big Lebowski got the proper 8-bit trailer it deserves. It’s actually surprising that this hasn’t happened before given the popularity of the movie, but we no longer have to wish for one as it has finally arrived.

What classic movie do you want to see get the 8-bit treatment? Sound off in the comments section and join the conversation.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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