Kevin Smith's next film Tusk will get wide theatrical release

Kevin Smith hasn’t had a film hit theaters in a very long time, but that’s a streak that is about to end. We refuse to recognize Cop-Out as a Kevin Smith film which means his last wide release film was the 2008 film Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Smith has said that he doesn’t really take a lot of pride in the film’s originality which means the last time we saw a true Kevin Smith movie hit theaters was back in 2006 when Clerk II came out.

But XYZ Films is changing that, as they’ve decided to pick up Smith’s latest film Tusk for a wide theatrical release. The distribution company made the announcement this week.

It’s an honor to support the work of Kevin Smith, a filmmaker we’ve revered for years. His bold and uncompromising vision for Tusk is a game-changer and one that we know will yield a memorable film that will leave audiences breathless

The film came about during an episode of Smith’s podcast called Smodcast, and from that discussion he wrote a script and directed a movie that will star Justin Long and Michael Parks. The film revolves around the premise of a man who must dress up as a Walrus as a means of paying rent, but is slowly being turned into a human Walrus by his twisted landlord.

XYZ says Tusk will hit theaters in the third quarter of 2014.

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