Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill reenact iconic Titanic scene on SNL (GIF)


Tonight marked the night where Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live and we all knew we were going to be in for a good night. The surprises and good times started rolling early as a so-so cold open was followed by a monologue that featured Leonardo DiCaprio dropping by to reenact a classic scene from his career.

The bit revolved around Jonah Hill bashing DiCaprio without him out there in an attempt to seem like a big shot in front of the audience. In the middle of saying that DiCaprio wasn’t the true star of The Wolf of Wall Street, Hill was interrupted by DiCaprio who proceeded to ask him what he thought he was doing.

From here we dove into a bit about how Jonah Hill was a being mentored by DiCaprio to not come off as such a big shot, which led to the duo reenacting a classic scene from Titanic.

snl2snl titanic


We sort of expected to see a cameo from DiCaprio, but we didn’t expect him to so openly embrace a movie scene he did nearly 20 years ago.

Still, DiCaprio dove right into the bit and fully committed, and this moment could end up becoming our highlight of the night.


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