Kevin Smith says Clerks 3 will begin shooting in April, aiming for 2015 release


For years now, fans of Kevin Smith have been wondering when another Clerks movie will be coming out, as the filmmaker has stated he isn’t done with the franchise. After releasing the second film almost ten years ago, it seems that Smith is going back to the well once again to finally film Clerk 3 in the very near future.

Smith noted in a recent blog post that he intends to start filming Clerks 3 in early April of this year, which would put the film on trajectory for a 2015 release date.

We’ve heard in the past that Clerks 3 was likely to happen, and rumors of the film began to circulate even as far back as just after the successful release of Clerks II. Smith didn’t definitively say that filming will begin in April, bt he did give a very specific date for the start of production which means there’s clearly some sort of deadline imposed on Clerks 3.

Smith has been recently talking about a Christmas horror anthology that he wants to do, and that’s where the production date from Clerks 3 came from. Smith stated he wants to start filming his anthology after he does Clerks 3, however it seems we may see the threequel pushed back if things aren’t all in place by April.

Still, Smith seems hellbent on making Clerks 3, and we could see the film hitting theaters anywhere from late winter 2014 to somewhere in 2015 if production starts on time.

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