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Neill Blomkamp to direct Halo TV series pilot for Microsoft

Fans of the video game franchise Halo have been waiting for a video game adaptation of their beloved series but so far nothing has come about. Despite talks over the past decade to get a movie going, there seems to be no plans to get a film version of the game series out anytime soon.

But while the series won’t be getting a movie, it appears that a television show will be happening instead. Not only that, but Latino-Review is reporting that District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp will be directing the pilot episode of the series.

If this seems a bit odd to you, you’re not alone. Blomkamp has been very vocal in the past about not wanting to mingle with studio projects or major franchises where he wouldn’t have full creative control. So to hear that he’s interested in doing a pilot episode of a Halo television series is a bit strange.

Maybe he’s released his stance, or maybe doing a single episode offers up enough creative control to satisfy him. Either way, it appears that Blomkamp will be involved with Halo after all and the gaming franchise will be heading to the Xbox One in a television show format.

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