Saturday Night Live review: Was Jonah Hill funny on SNL?


Tonight saw Oscar nominated actor Jonah Hill drop by Saturday Night Live to try his hand at hosting the show for a third time. While the cold open got things off  to a slow start, a cameo from Leonardo DiCaprio helped pick things right back up for Jonah Hill to run with for the rest of the show.

It’s not a secret that Hill comes from a comedic background, which is why the show felt comfortable rolling out some of the more bizarre and weird sketches throughout the night. Not every sketch was a hit, and a few missed almost entirely, but there was something about Hill’s raw enthusiasm that just kept us in it from start to finish.

snl titanic

For instance, we saw this in a sketch where he played a guy who keeps messing up at a dinner party and then yelling at himself in the bathroom. Had we not had someone like Hill, with his ind of energy or commitment, the sketch would have fallen terribly flat.

Most of the sketches on the night had that feel, which is a true testament to the talent of Jonah Hill. Still, the night wasn’t as good as it could have been, and if you stopped watching after the opening monologue, you hardly missed much. We joked that the Titanic bit may end up being the highlight of the show, but that turned out to be true.

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