Super Bowl Commercials: Steamy Scarlett Johansson ad gets banned by Fox (Video)

The Super Bowl is in less than a week, which means advertisers are starting to hammer down their strategies and Fox is currently vetting the commercials that they’ve been given. Not all commercials survive the vetting process, even ones that feature massive A-list superstar actresses.

Scarlett Johansson filmed a Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream, the device that allows you to make your own low sugar soda at home. The commercial wasn’t too risqué and was hardly anything inappropriate — if not steamy– but the ad has nonetheless found itself banned from airing on Fox.

The ad has been pulled by Fox because it takes a shot at two of the Super Bowl’s biggest advertisers who happen to be two of Fox’s biggest advertisers. Coke and Pepsi have a lot to lose if SodaStream catches on with a Super Bowl commercial and the blatant blast that the commercial takes at both companies was a bit too much for Fox’s taste.

The ad is still going viral thanks to the attention Fox is giving it by pulling the ad off the air. That likely won’t make Coke or Pepsi too happy about the ad’s popularity, but they can only pull strings at Fox, not all over the internet.

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