Super Bowl 2014 Commercials: Lawrence Fishburne reprises The Matrix role for Kia ad (Video)

The Super Bowl is in less than a week, and we’re starting to see more and more from companies preparing commercials for the big day. One of those companies is KIA, who have produced an ad that goes retro with it’s movie reference while keeping the technology modern.

KIA has enlisted the help of actor Lawrence Fishburne, who has reprised his role as Morpheus from The Matrix in the new ad. The commercial sees Morpheus asking potential car buyers if they want a red key or a blue key, playing in the red pill or blue pill scene from the 1999 classic The Matrix, directed by the Wachowskis.

We’ve seen the Wachowski duo give their blessing for The Matrix to be used in commercials before, as GE used Hugo Weaving in character as Agent Smith for a recent ad. That commercial debuted earlier last year and has been followed up by yet another character from the film series being used to sell something.

KIA will premiere the commercial during the Super Bowl this Sunday on Fox.

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