American Horror Story Coven: Who was the next supreme?


Tonight marked the season finale of American Horror Story Coven, which means that this particular story we’ve been watching all season has been wrapped up. The show has carved out a unique place for itself by running with seasons that are single purpose seasons and are basically individual stories unconnected to each other.

That means we got to see a story wrapped up tonight, something that proved to be as intense as it was interesting. We finally got to find out who the next supreme was, and it was someone that we were suspecting the whole season but never went all in on.

Despite Madison showing the most power in the house, her death at the hands of Kyle took her out of the game and left things down to Cordelia and Queenie. The final test was to bring Zoe back to life, as she had been met with an untimely death earlier in the episode.

Queenie was unable to revive her, but after some serious concentration it was Cordelia who was able to bring Zoe back and prove herself as the next supreme.

Do you agree with who became the next supreme? Sound off in the comments section and join the conversation.

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