American Horror Story season 4: When will new season premiere?


Tonight marked the season finale of American Horror Story Coven, and fans are sad to see the show come to an end. But while this current season has been all wrapped up, series creator Ryan Murphy has said a fourth season will happen which means we’re not far away from the show returning to the air.

One of the biggest questions fans of the series have is what the fourth season will be about. But before that question can be addressed, the question of when the show will be returning needs to be answered, and we know when that will be.

Historically, American Horror Story has premiered in the fall, starting with the first season back in 2011. American Horror Story Asylum premiered in fall 2012 and we saw the first episode of American Horror Story Coven premiere in fall 2013.

That means that whatever the fourth season of American Horror Story may be about, it’s going to be premiering in the fall of 2014.

So regardless of what the show will be about or when it will be set, American Horror Story will be returning FX in fall 2014, which means that we have roughly eight or nine months before another season of American Horror Story comes our way.

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