Super Bowl 2014: New Draft Day trailer debuts for Super Bowl (Video)

The Super Bowl is this weekend in New Jersey and that has football fans all over stoked to see the big game, But with the big game comes a lot of big ads and movie studios are getting in on the fun as well. We’ve seen a slew of films get lined up for trailer releases during the Super Bowl and one that we expected to almost surely see was the upcoming film Draft Day. 

Kevin Costner, Denis Leary and Frank Langella all headline the cast of a movie that takes place during the NFL Draft in New York. The story follows Costner’s character, who is the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. He must decide how to turn his franchise’s future around with the first overall pick and part of that decision is whether or not to keep the pick or move down.

It’s a story about finding yourself while also trying to find an identity for your team — the metaphor is pretty obvious to catch in this one.

The real question is will the film b e any good? So far it looks intriguing but also seems like it could fall on cliche and rely on convenient outcomes meant to warm our hearts.

We’ll find out if Draft Day is a stud or a bust when it hits theaters on April 11th.


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