Saturday Night Live: Taran Killam plays Peyton Manning in Super Bowl halftime show (GIFs)

Tonight marks the night when Melissa McCarthy drops by to host SNL for the third time in her career. The could of the Super Bowl tomorrow night is hanging over everything which is helping to make the atmosphere even more electric than it already is.

So far this season the cold opens have been hit and miss,with last week’s dud leaving a pretty bad taste in our mouths. We’ve also seen cold opens run way too long recently, with last week being a good example of that. When a bit isn’t working, and you’ve committed a solid block of time to it, things tend to get painful very fast.

This week though saw a hilarious spoof of the Super Bowl halftime show which replaced Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili peppers with a Broadway retelling of how dramatic the Super Bowl really is. Taran Killam’s portrayal of a Broadway Peyton Manning was hilarious, especially when everything ended tragically with Peyton’s neck giving out, promoting a song about unity.







Whether you liked the cold open or not, as even the best cold opens this season have had their detractors, you have to admit that you’re at least excited to see where McCarthy takes things. She’s a talent that everyone can enjoy and her devil may care style of comedy seems like it will make tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live a good one.

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