NFL logos get redone as Star Wars characters (Photos)


Credit: John Raya

Super Bowl XLVIII is the biggest sporting event of the year and it’s bringing out even non-traditional football fans for the festivities. Someone has mashed up football logos with Star Wars characters to create a series of helmets and logos that are pretty out of this world.

All 32 NFL teams get their own Star Wars logo helmet and while some are better than others, all 32 of them are probably the coolest logos you’ll see all day.

You can see all of the NFL Star Wars logos here, but we’ve put together a small sample of our favorites.

Kashyyk Wookies (Jacksonville Jaguars)


Credit: John Raya

Toydaria Wattos (Seattle Seahawks)


Credit: John Raya


Hoth Tauntauns (Denver Broncos)


Credit: John Raya


Mos Eisley Troopers (Indianapolis Colts)


Credit: John Raya


Mygeeto Siths (Baltimore Ravens)


Credit: John Raya


Endor Ewoks (Kansas City Chiefs)


Credit: John Raya


Iridonia Zabraks (Cincinnati Bengals)


Credit: John Raya

Star Wars and football usually never ever go together but we now see that they can be blended together to form something that is both super dorky yet so incredibly cool.

Someone needs to start up a Star Wars football league, because these helmets and team names need to be used.

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