Saturday Night Live review: Was Melissa McCarthy funny?


Tonight marked the night when Melissa McCarthy dropped by Saturday Night Live to host and while she did a great job at bringing her raunchy comedic stylings to the show, the night was dictated by one single moment in the show. Tonight was the last night that Seth Meyers served as host of the Weekend Update, and his farewell was one of the most touching moments we have seen in sometime on SNL.

For a show known primarily for its comedy and sketches, SNL pumps out a few touching moments every so often and Meyers farewell on Weekend Update was one of those moments. It brought back memories of Phil Hartman singing to Chris Farley when Hartman left the show, as Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg all dropped by to bid Meyers farewell.

The moment was emotional, as co-host Cecily Strong couldn’t contain her emotions at times, but overall the moment was by and far the best part of the night.

As far as McCarthy’s sketches went, her signature brand of raunchy humor helped break up the emotional farewell for Meyers and even though not all the jokes landed, we found ourselves enjoying the night. Some of the jokes fell brutally flat, but McCarthy has a way of keeping things alive with her swagger and comedic confidence, something that helped make this episode of Saturday Night Live better than it would have been with a lesser hostess.

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