Super Bowl 2014: Jerry Seinfeld leaves Adam Schefter hanging (GIF)


The Super Bowl is this evening which means all of New York’s finest celebrities are making a special trip to new jersey to take in football’s biggest game right in their backyard. One of the most famous New York stars is comedian Jerry Seinfeld, as the comedian is having to entertain all the random people he meets who want to take a picture with the str.

One of those star struck fans was ESPN reporter Adam Schefter. Seinfeld was seen posing for a picture with Schefter earlier this week, but when the photo was taken Seinfeld took off to go back to minding his own business. Little did he know — or maybe he did know — Schefter wanted one more handshake with the comedian after the picture.

Seinfeld wanted none of that.

H/T: Deadspin

H/T: Deadspin

The handshake stiff may please a lot of people who tend to not appreciate the smug way that Schefter carries himself or the way that he instantly stiffs Jay Glazer on credit like Seinfeld stiffed him on the handshake.

Either way, the little Schefter stiff goes to show that just because you happen to be a prominent face on ESPN, not everyone is going to want to stick around and talk football with you forever.

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