Super Bowl commercials 2014: Stephen Colbert turns into a pistachio (Video)


The Super Bowl is on right now but this year we’re finding ourselves caring more than ever about the commercials that are airing during the game. With the halftime score a 22-0 in favor of the Seahawks, the commercials are the only thing that seem to be interesting so far through one half of football in New York.

So far we’ve seen most of the commercials in the Super Bowl ahead of time, but most of the ads are either being extended or being aired for the first time. One such ad featured Colbert Report Stephen Colbert in a new pistachio commercial and it was a pretty classic one.

We’ve seen these ads before, as a new celebrity seems to show up in each new ad, but the one we saw with Colbert seems to be one of the better ones. It’s actually two commercials, with the second one paying off the first almost immediately.

Colbert is quickly becoming bigger and bigger on the comedy scene and his Super Bowl commercial is evidence of how funny he truly is.

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