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The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl 2014: Complete episode guide

Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off later tonight but another epic battle has already gotten underway. AMC is airing a Zombie Bowl to compete with the big game and are showing off their most intense and brutally violent episodes ever. The marathon is a showcase of humans vs. walkers and means that we’re in for a full day of The Walking Dead on the last Sunday before the show returns.

The marathon starts Sunday morning and will go into the morning hours of Monday, which means you can start working that Super bowl hangover off with some Walking Dead action.

Here’s a complete schedule of the episodes that will air:

*All times Eastern

10:00 AM – Days Gone By
11:30 AM – Guts
12:30 PM – Tell It to the Frogs
1:30 PM – Vatos
2:30 PM – Wildfire
3:30 PM – TS-19
4:30 PM – What Lies Ahead
6:00 PM – Bloodletting
7:00 PM – Save the Last One
8:00 PM – Cherokee Rose
9:00 PM – Chupacabra
10:00 PM – Secrets
11:00 PM – Pretty Much Dead Already
12:00 AM- Nebraska
1:00 AM – Triggerfinger
2:00 AM – 18 Miles Out
3:00 AM – Judge, Jury, Executioner
4:00 AM – Better Angels
5:00 AM – Beside the Dying Fire

None of the episode from this fourth season will be appearing during the marathon, but that doesn’t mean the action won’t be intense. Besides, when was a full day of The Walking Dead ever a bad thing?

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