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The Walking Dead Season 4 returns Sunday night on AMC

This Sunday marks the return of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead after the show took an extended break over the holiday season. The winter finale premiered almost two months and fans have been without new episodes since before Christmas.

But a new year means new episodes of The Walking Dead and the show is set to air the second half of season four starting on Sunday. The premiere will be the first time that the show won’t be going up against the NFL as Sunday Night Football on NBC has come to an end for the year.

This means that a show that was already dominating the ratings game just got a boost that will likely make it king of the Sunday night block.

So far this season we’ve seen a lot of heartbreak and not a lot to be happy about. From the infection spreading throughout the prison to the return and eventual demise of The Governor, we saw a lot of bad things happen in the first half of this season and it seems that things will only get darker from here.

Date: Sunday, February 9th
Start Time: 9:00pm ET
Episode: “After”
TV Info: AMC
Live Stream: iTunes, Amazon Prime Instant

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