The Rise of Kevin Hart: Is he the next Louis CK?


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you have probably been inundated with millions of ads, talk show appearances, and TV specials featuring the seemingly on the rise and overnight movie star, comedian Kevin Hart.

From producing and starring in hit TV shows (Real Husbands Of Hollywood),  Movies ( Ride Along, How To Think Like A Man) and breaking box office records for comedy specials ( Feel My Pain), Kevin Hart’s rise has seemed to be overnight.

However, that is further from the truth. Over the next few paragraphs, we will go over the slow and not so fast rise, of Hollywood’s next, current and hopefully long last movie stars.

Hart, unlike oft compared to comedian Chris Rock, has managed to wisely build up a hardcore yet massively diverse fan base reaching across all genres of entertainment, picking projects that appeal to a fervent yet strong consumer base across various genres and mediums in film and TV.

Such selection of choices show Hart’s trajectory mimic that of another successful crossover comedian actor whose act just also happens to be based around one’s everyday life events and family; Louis CK.

Like Louis CK, Hart has had success across all mediums while ditching neither. He has continued to receive praise and in fact grow his stand up business from 2009’s ‘I’ m A Grown Little Man to 2013’s box office smash Let Me Explain while seemingly continuing to expanded his movie and TV career from romantic comedies Think Like A Man, to the recent comedy buddy cop movie, Ride Along, to his satirical reality comedy show, The Real Husbands Of Hollywood.

In fact, things just seem to be getting started for Hart who has a slew of upcoming projects destined to cement his status as a Hollywood box office boffo  including  the just announced sequel to Ride Along, Think Like A Man and  a second season for The Real Husbands of Hollywood, and hopefully another stand up concert film

Either way Kevin Hart seems to be here to stay for a long, long time.

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