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Orange is the New Black Season 2: Laura Prepon to appear in majority of episodes

The first season of Orange is the New Black took audiences by surprise and proved that Netflix wasn’t a one hit wonder with House of Cards. The show not only garnered Golden Globe nominations but it also managed to further pave the way for non-traditional mess of airing a television series.

Orange is the New Black is set to return to Netflix this year with a new season, but there has been drama surrounding which cast members will return. That 70s Show star Laura Prepon turned heads in the first season with her role as Alex, Piper’s drug running girlfriend, but she unexpectedly dropped out of the show before season two.

Nothing was ever officially announced, but rumors about Prepon’s departure have been swirling for months. Now series creator Jenji Kohan has addressed the rumors, saying that Prepon is indeed in season two and in a majority of the episodes.

Per an interview with US Weekly:

“Yes, yes, she is coming back,” Kohan told Us of the former That ’70 Show actress at the Writers Guild Awards on Saturday, Feb. 1. “Not the whole season, but…you’ll see her for most of it.”

Fans of the show will rejoice over this news, although if Prepon is indeed leaving the show, we could see season 2 chart the demise of her character and the ripple effect it has.

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