Ben McKenzie as Commissioner Gordon on Gotham

Credit: TNT

Credit: TNT

The FOX TV series Gotham has begun casting major roles, but today we learned of perhaps the biggest role on the show. Aside from Bruce Wayne, the biggest character in most Batman stories is Commissioner Gordon and Gotham has found an actor to step into the character’s massive pair of shoes.

According to VarietySouthland star ben McKenzie has been cast as Commissioner Gordon.

McKenzie has been all over in terms of his television roles, starring on not only Southland but also making it big on the FOX soap drama The OC, but this is by far his biggest role to date. Not only will McKenzie be dumped into the world of comic book fandom for the rest of his life, but he stepping into shoes that Gary Oldman recently occupied.

Oldman helped step up the quality of Commissioner Gordon on film in the Christopher Nolan films and now it’s up to McKenzie to continue the prestige that the role carries as well as bringing a newer, younger twist to a character every Batman fan is very familiar with.

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