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Will Smith drops out of Independence Day 2

If you were hoping that Will Smith would return to his action movie roots and star in the sequel to Independence Day, you will be very disappointed. Despite showing mild interest i the project at some point, Smith has officially dropped out of and rejected any notion that he’ll be in Independence Day 2

Per Deadline:

Smith informed the studio that he won’t be joining in on a sequel that the filmmakers hope to have in theaters for July 4 weekend, 2016.

The news will disappoint fans who were hoping that Smith would return to the franchise, but all hope is not lost that a sequel will come about. Michael B. Jordan, who is quickly becoming one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, is still in the running to replace Smith as the film’s lead.

The release date for the film has already been pushed back from 2015 to 2016 and Smith dropping out could push it back even further, although Roland Emmerich and company weren’t completely convinced that Smith was doing the film anyways, so this might not throw things out of whack too badly.

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