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Apple to announce new Apple TV line in April 2014

Apple is holding the world hostage with it’s tech announcements, but what else is new there? Consumers can’t wait to get their hands on new gadgets and as a result they just can’t wait for new products to be announced. With no iPhone 6 announcement on the horizon, Apple did manage to stir the pot with reports that the company will be unveiling a new Apple TV line in April.

Per Variety:

The new product is said to have a faster processor and upgraded interface. Though the release date could be subject to change as Apple secures new deals with programming and distribution partners, the company hopes to have the new device available in time for the holiday sales season.

According to the report, Apple is in talks with Time Warner Cable to partner together for the release of the new device. The company has never partnered with a pay-TV service before so the deal could end up being a landmark that changes the future of the Apple TV device.

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