Breaking Bad meets Wolf of Wall Street in hilarious trailer (Video)

One of the best movies of the year, if not the best movie of the year, was Martin Scorsese’s instant classic The Wolf of Wall Street. Coincidentally one of the best television shows of the last five years, if not the best television show of the last five years, was the AMC series Breaking Bad.

naturally, the two have come together in an orgy of awesome for this fan made trailer that mashes the Wolf of wall Street trailer structure with the storyline of Breaking Bad. The result is absolute gold to fans of either project as Breaking Bad cuts surprisingly well with The Wolf of Wall Street.

Next month could be a huge month for The Wolf of Wall Street as it’s starting to emerge as a serious contender to sweep at least Best Actor and Best Picture. It’s still a ways out and hard to predict, but the film is starting to grow on folks, much the way Breaking Bad took a while to sink in.

But once it sunk in, it became a phenomenon and finally the two project have met in the form of the coolest fan made trailer you’ll see for a while.

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