The (Not So )Suprising Success Of The LEGO Movie


I’m not sure why everyone is talking about The Lego Movie as if it’s some type of giant surprise success. In fact, the success of the movie is not a surprise at all; it is actually pretty much the same movie that made a name for it nearly 14 years ago and was hailed as a surprise pop culture phenomenon that came out of nowhere.

That movie, ladies and gentlemen was Shrek. Yes, that’s right; the new Lego Movie is not entirely new, as it follows the same blue print that led to the success of Shrek.

Like Shrek, the Lego Movie had the feel and look of an epic blockbuster movie that was in fact a skewering of modern day pop culture of the previous decade and the past few years. In this instance, Shrek was lampooning the classic Disney movies that preceded over the previous years & decade ( Aladdin, The Little Mermaid etc.) while The Lego Movie  was satirizing the super hero comic book sci fi movies of the last decade ( Batman, Transformers, and even The Matrix).

Also like Shrek, The Lego movie enlisted a perfectly cast movie to play all of the ” Stereotypical,” super hero movie roles; Will Arnett & Will Ferrell as Lego Batman & The Bad Guy, which is in the vein of Mike Myers as the larger than life Ogre Shrek & Eddie Murphy as ‘The Funny Side Kick’.

Heck, even the trailers for both films are similar in nature & tone; introducing a regular ordinary guy, or Ogre in this case, who is magically thrown into a world and must go on a journey to learn about himself, who he is and the world around him.

In the end, it is not so surprising that a movie that pretty much copied the blue print and process of Shrek would go on to be a “Surprise” success, which surprisingly has now earned itself a sequel.

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