Top Gun being live tweeted frame by frame on Twitter


Someone really loves the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun. No, someone really, really, really really loves the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun because they’re live tweeting the entire movies frame by frame on their Twitter account. The Twitter user @555uhz began tweeting out Top Gun frame by frame at the end go January and is still going strong here in the middle of February.

If you think they’re joking, go all the way back to the beginning of the film on their feed and you’ll see that this is perhaps the most hilariously awesome use of Twitter ever. Shut it down folks, because you will never come up with a more useful or meaningful way to use your account no matter how hard you try.

Here’s proof that this is actually happening:








Is this the dopiest way to waste time, yes. But is it the most brilliant use of Twitter ever, absolutely.

[H/T: Jalopnik]

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