Report: LeBron James to star in Space Jam 2?

After years of hearing it as nothing more than a joke, it appears that LeBron James will finally be actually stepping into Michael Jordan’s shoes and is starring in the long awaited sequel to Space Jam. According to Deadline, the Miami Heat star is in talks to star in Space Jam 2, which is currently in serious development.

Per Deadline:

What’s up, doc? A broken nose. Ouch! After he recovers from the injury suffered in last night’s game, NBA MVP LeBron James will be ready for his close-up — with Bugs Bunny.

Broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol‘s sons have come on board to develop the sequel to 1996 animated/live-action hit Space Jam as a starring vehicle for James.

Besides being every basketball fans dream come true, this really isn’t that surprising. James has been getting into the entertainment game more and more, from striking a development deal with Starz to being attached to Space Jam 2. Fans have been waiting forever to get a followup to the Michael Jordan original and it appears that while James continues to chase the former Chicago Bulls star on the court, he’s also moving on his territory off the court as well.

UPDATE: LeBron James’ camp has shot down the rumor, as reported by’s Brian Windhorst.

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