Oscars 2014: Will Philip Seymour Hoffman be honored?

MCDALFA EC012The Oscars is the most important night in cinema each year, as the best of the best that movies had to offer from the past year are honored. But while the event is a happy occasion, the time is taken to honor those titans of cinema who we lost over the past year.

While some names have withered away in old age, with father time claiming their talents from us, others were taken more violently and less expectedly. That’s not to say that the death of legendary actor Peter O’Toole wasn’t sad, but it wasn’t nearly as sudden or shocking as that of Philip Seymour Hoffman — a man well on his way to matching the career of O’Toole.

When Hoffman was found dead in his bathroom last month, the first thing that fans did was take to Twitter to honor his memory with their favorite clip of his. That tribute will continue tonight at the Oscars when the Academy Award-winning Hoffman gets one final bow one month after his death.

It’s not known how the Academy will handle the death of Hoffman, as simply showing his image on a screen for a few  moments doesn’t nearly give him the honor he deserves. Then again, that’s not enough to honor any of those we lost in 2013 and 2014, but few were as special as Hoffman.

He’ll no doubt be a part of the ‘In Memoriam’ for the night, but it remains to be seen if he’ll get an extra special sendoff with Roger Ebert and Peter O’Toole — company he earned his way in over the course of his career.


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