Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen spoof True Detective (Video)

One of the best shows to come on in a long time was the HBO series True Detective, which not only continued the stunning ascent of Matthew McConaughey, but also floored fans and critics alike. While it’s not on a Seinfeld or Breaking Bad level, the series has captured millions of fans and is poised for a much watched must-watch second season.

With fame and popularity though comes parody, and there seems to be no better king of late night parody that Jimmy Kimmel. On his first show of SXSW week, Kimmel and comedian Seth Rogen produced what as to be the funniest spoof of the series we’re likely to see for some time, as they dug right in and twisted with the comedy gold.

Here’s a look at the complete spoof by Kimmel and Rogen:

Something else this shows is Kimmel’s ability to stay ahead of the comedic wave, as the presence of Jimmy Fallon on NBC hasn’t fazed Kimmel one bit. If anything, it’s motivated him further to slice through the late night crowd with his razor sharp wit and killer bits.

This is just one example of many that Kimmel has produced that prove he’s the late night king and we’re still waiting for anyone to come close to dethroning him.

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